Thursday, September 18, 2008

101 Things to do in 1001 Days

Starting Date: May 28, 2008
Ending Date: February 23, 2011

43 things are completed.
12 things in progress.

Things I have completed are in bold.
Things in progress are in italics.
The completion information is below the task. :)

I got the idea for this project here.

1. Get my graduate degree in something.
2. Get a job.
(I started Wednesday, July 7/30/2008 at the Franklin County Board of Commissioners!)
3. Master InDesign and PhotoShop.
4. Visit 3 college campus' I've never been to. (6/3)
(Marshall University, 8/30/08; DePaul University, 9/12/08; Cedarville University, 9/6/09; Lipscomb University, Belmont University, Vanderbuilt University, 9/19/09)
5. Go to COSI.
(3.27.2010 with Luke and Uncle Jeff.)
6. Go to the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium.
(Wildlights, 12/19/08)
7. Read one Wikipedia article everday (30/1001).
8. Create a blog about the ones I read for #7.

9.Visit Holly, Eric, and Emery in Chicago.
(9/12-14/08, 11/15-17/08, 2/14-16/09, 9/09, 2/27-28/10, 9/15-17/2010)
10. Visit Heather, Jimi, and Jasmeaka at their "new" house, even though they've lived there for 2 years.
(June 4, 2008 & lots of time after.)
11. Go to Nashville.
(September 18-20, 2009)
12. Put my feet in the Pacific Ocean.
13. Visit NYC.
14. Visit Las Vegas, even if just at the airport.
15. Go back to Washington D.C.
(4.9-12.2010 for my birthday weekend with Jeff.)
16. Go to Boston.
17. Fly again.

Sports/Recreation/Music (aka Entertainment)
18. Go to a Reds game again.
19. Go to a Bengals game.
20. Watch Lebron James and the Cavs play.
(ummmm.....this is going to be a littler harder now, unless I go to the Miami/Cleveland game!)
21. Attend at least one home Ohio State University Buckeyes Football Game each season! (4/3) (2008: Ohio State vs. Ohio University; 2009: Ohio State vs. USC, Ohio State vs. Illinois; 2010: Ohio State vs. Marshall University, Ohio State vs. Miami)
22. See Dierks Bentley LIVE in concert.
(July 31, 2008 at the Ohio State Fair.)
23. Go to the Grand Ole Opry. (relies heavily on #11)
24. Go skiing.
(Timberline Resort in W.V., 3/5-8/2009 with Jeff's family and friends; Timberline & Canaan Valley in W.V., 3/4-7/2010 with the same group.)
25. Go to a high school football game where I don't know either team playing.
(Hilliard Davidson vs. Worthington Kilborne, I just knew someone in the band. )

26. Go to the dentist 2x a year. (4/6)
(Still cavity free!)
27. Do 15 push-ups in a row twice (two seperate occassions).
(S/S Class, every Thursday.)
28. Go to the gym every day for 5 days.
29. Go to the "lady" doctor.
30. Get a facial.
31. Get a pedicure.
(6.11.2010 with Erin & Erica for Erin's wedding.)
32. Run one mile w/o stopping.
(4.13.2010, 4.14.2010, all of the time now)
33. Buy make-up at Macy's.
(Clinique foundation. 9/11/08. I'm a regular now.)
34. Have Macy's people do my make-up.
(I got a free sample. But they matched it to my skin tone! :) 6/19/2008)

35. Reach $10,000 in my savings account.
(I'm working on it.)
36. Buy a 'new' car on my own.
(September 13, 2009. 2009 Black Pontiac G6.)
37. Remodel or flip a house.
38. Get a new computer.
39. Pay off all debts. (or make a dent in my student loan debt.)
40. Buy stock!

41. Make one new recipe each month. (9/33)
(Pulled pork, homemade pizza, pot roast, pancakes, vegetable soup, Italian macaroni, some ham on a crosant recipe, winter pot roast, orange marmalade pork roast, Hawaiian Pulled Pork.)
42. Find my "signature dish."
(I'm pretty sure, at least for now, that this is my Dirty Pudding.)
43. Eat vegetarian for one week.
44. Don't eat sweets for one week.
45. Make homemade ice cream in a can or bag.
46. Make Grandma Primer's homemade noodles and take to the Thompson Reunion.
(August 15, 2010 - they tasted similar, not exactly like Grandma Primers. It was a sad day because she wasn't there for me to share them with.)

For Others
47. Volunteer with pee-wee cheerleading.
48. Leave 3 random happy notes in returned library books.
49. Donate 20,000 grains of rice. (5,000/20,000)
50. Send 2 handwritten letters to Grandma Primer each month. (15/66)
(I sent her lots of letters and cards, maybe not 2 each month, sometimes more in one month. Unfortunately, Grandma Primer passed away on July 20, 2010. I had just written her a letter the night before and it was in my purse to be mailed when Mom called to let me know.) :( I wish I had written her more often, but one of the letters I got back from her thanked me for sending her so many letters, she loved reading them.
51. Send a care package to a soldier.

52. Blog everyday for one month. (0/30)
(I blog every day, usually twice a day to make up for a rare day I miss.)
53. Workout three times a week for one month. (12/12)
(I work out atleast three, if not more, nights a week. Either with Sarah at the gym or a video at home.)
54. Go on a date with Jeff at least once a month. (23/33)
(Easton to shop and eat, 6/12/08; Madison Co. Fair Truck Pull, 7/8/08; River City BBQ, 8/31/08; Breakfast @ Bob Evans, 9/27/08; Pumpkin Show in Circleville, 10/16/08; Dinner and a movie, 12/12/08; Dinner and Columbus Symphony Orchestra, 1/24/09; February ?; Skiing in WV, 3/5-7/09; My Birthday Dinner @ Cheesecake Factory, 4/10/09; Dinner @ The Old Canal Smokehouse, 5/12/09; Dinner at the Olde Bag of Nails, 6/18/09; Madison Co. Fair Truck Pull, 7/13/09; Katie and Patrick's Wedding Weekend, 8/22/09; USC game, 9/12/09; Pumpkin Show in Circleville, 10/24/09; Our trip to see "The Blind Side" that turned into a trip to the mall, 11/10/09; December; January : Dinner @ Spaghetti Warehouse, 2/13/10; "The Great Date #1", March 18, 2010; long weekend date to Washington D.C., 4/9-12/2010; may?; Quizno's and Atrium Park, 6/28/10; Outback Steakhouse for his birthday, 7/12/10; Ohio State Fair, 8/2/10; Marshall Game, 9/2/10; Polaris Mall - October; Dick's Sporting Goods & SteakNShake, 11/5/2010)
55. VOTE in the 2008 Election.
56. Send birthday cards on time.
(Mom, Molly, Holly, Jeff, Cassie Jo, Katy, Sarah, Katie, Jeff, Emery)
57. Go a WHOLE week w/o checking MySpace or Facebook. (7/7)
(Unless I'm unconsious, I don't see this ever happening.)
(Scratch that previous comment. I'm currently participating in 'NOfacebook NOvember' and haven't logged on to my facebook account since 10/31/2010!) - November 18, 2010

Just for fun things!
58. Watch 50 movies. (62/50)
(Forrest Gump, Can't Buy Me Love, Sex & the City(x2), Juno, Sweet Home Alabama, The Longest Yard, Picture This, Ocean's Eleven, Safari, RV, Father of the Bride: Part Two, Out of Time, The Golden Compass, Walk the Line, Wedding Crashers, Love Notes, Varsity Blues, Vantage Point, Stuck on You, Not Another Teen Movie, Made of Honor, Batman Begins, All I Want for Christmas, A Very Brady Christmas, Pirates of the Carribean: Dead's Man Chest, Legend of the Fall, Baby Mama, The Alamo, Cocktail, Bourne Supremecy, A Kiss at Midnight, My Girl, Elizabethtown, Risky Business, Cliffhanger, Beverly Hills Cop III, Rudy, Mean Girls, Legally Blond, Dirty Dancing, Employee of the Month, Catch Me if you Can, Taken, Gran Torino, Fireproof, He's Just Not That Into You, The Game Plan, Christmas Vacation, The Proposal, The Hangover, Ghoasts of Girlfriends Past, The Village, Dear John, She's out of my League, The Truman Show, Where the Heart Is, Have You Heard About the Morgan's?, Sex & the City 2, Brothers, The Blind Side(x2), Rambo, 17 Again, Couples Retreat)
59. Read 5 books. (10/5)
(Last Dance at Jitterbug Lounge by Pamela Morsi, Audition by Barbara Walters, The Night We Met by Pamela Morsi, The Boyfriend List by...???, Multiple Blessings: Raising Twins and Sextuplets by Jon & Kate Gosselin, Here's the Story by Maureen McCormick, Surviving the Storm by Lynn Spears, Suburban Renewal by Pamela Morsi, By Summers End by Pamela Morsi, Sweetwood Bride by Pamela Morsi; It Sucked and then I cried by Heather Alexander; His Needs, Her Needs by Dr. ......; The Five Languages of Love by.......; The Shack by William Paul Young; Red's Hot Honky Tonk by Pamela Morsi; Finding the Hero in your Husband by......)
60. Finish my high school scrapbook.
61. Finish my college scrapbook.
62. Bet $20 in Vegas. (heavily relying on #14)
63. Go to 20 county fairs. (7/20)
(2008: Madison, Franklin, Pike, Gallia, Muskingum, Coshocton; 2009: Madison, Franklin, Pike, Gallia, Ohio State; 2010: Madison (x2), Franklin, Pike, Gallia, Ohio State, Champaign)
64. Get Jeff to go ice skating.
(3/6/2010 Jeff and I went ice skating with Kyle and Sarah Deel at the Canaan Valley Resort)
65. Swim with a dolphin.
66. Stay up all night.
67. Carve a pumpkin.
(I made a super cute polka dot pumpkin with Jared, Lauren and Jeff. 10/24/09.)
68. Color Easter eggs.
69. Throw a surprise party for someone.
(I surpised Jeff by having Fisher and Mindi come to dinner for his birthday!; Mom's 50th on NYE; Dad's 60th Birthday)
70. Watch fireworks on the 4th of July in D.C.
71. Go to the Cherry Blossom Festival in D.C.
(4.10.2010, I was disappointed because there were no blossoms on the trees and it was not what I was expecting. :( )
72. Go camping with friends.
73. Yardsale unworn clothes.
74. Attend Red, White, & Boom.
75. Learn to play poker.
76. Collect all 50 States' quarters. (0/50)
77. Wear a side pony tail in public.
(My high school reunion, 7/08, because it was soooo hot!)
78. Yell "OH" while in another state and see if anyone responds.
(Myrtle Beach 6/2008. No one responded, but they did to my OH-IO in the sand!; in Chicago the day of the OSU/USC game, yes they responded before the game, not after. :( )

Additions after 5/28/2008.
79. Wear pink everyday for one week.
80. Go to the grocery store w/o make-up on.
(May 29,2008. Went after I tanned.)
81. Update my contact list/address book both eletronically and hard copy.
82. Plan a wedding. (Rather it be mine, or someone elses!)
83. Plan a baby shower.
(Holly's baby shower, 7/12/08, co-planned with Heather and Molly)
84. Hold a door open for someone when they need it.
(Hilliard Library, 6/16/2008)
85. Hold a door open for someone even if they don't need it.
(Max & Erma's, 7/16/2008) <- she didn't even say Thank You!
.86. Paint every toe-nail a different color. And wear it in public with open toed shoes.
.87. Go to a golf tournament.
(the Memorial, June 1, 2008)
88. See or meet 20 famous people. (17/20)
(Ben Curtis, Tom Lehman & Jim Furyk (PGA goflers) @ the Memorial Tournament; Albert Dukes (OSU football player @ West Mound Elem.); Dierks Bentley and Miranda Lambert @ their concert; Jim Tressel, Beanie Wells and James Laurinaitis @ the OSU game; Governor Strickland @ the Apple festival; James Laurinaitis and Brian Hartline @ the OSU Women's game; a bunch of Indians players @ the Clippers game, I'll guess 3 of them; Tiger Woods @ the 2009 Memorial Tournament, George Clinton @ The Stage, Sawyer Brown @ Gallia County Fair)
89. Enjoy a backyard bonfire with my family.
(My family, Molly's friends, same thing! :) )
90. Participate actively in Relay for Life.
( i walked for the Scioto Valley Local team with my Mom from 4-6a.m.)
91. Donate $$ to a charity.
($135 to an appalachian charity through CCC plus all the CCC fundraisors, FCCS Holiday Wish Program, 2009 CCC and fundraisors.)
92. Toilet paper someone's house!
93. Build a snowman.
94. Make a snow angel in the snow.
95. Put my toes in the Atlantic Ocean!
96. Go to the Pumpkin Show in Circleville.
97. Dine at 7 restaraunts where I have never eaten. (19/15) (Added 3/09.) (Upped to 15 on 7/6/09)
(Ted's Montana Grill, the Cheesecake Factory, the Old Canal Smokehouse, the Olde Bag of Nails, Moretti's of Upper Arlington, the Reserve, Tuscan Table, After Five, Corky's; First Watch, Loveless Cafe, Jack's BBQ, Japanese Steakhouse, Grand Lux Cafe, Dave & Busters, Smokey Bones, Five Guys, Outback Steakhouse, Jeni's Ice Cream, Graffiti Burger)
98. Quit popping (or "self-adjusting") my neck, back and fingers. (Added 5/09)
(I only do this occassionaly now, usually once every few days instead of multiple times a day. Fingers are still every day. :( )
99. Take a tour of the Franklin County Coroner's Office.
(October 2, 2009 and I did NOT throw up or pass out.)
100. Send thank you notes to people when they do something for me to let them know I appreciate it.
101. Have others be inspired by my list and complete their own.
(Matt and his friend Ashely.)